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Re: Neurofeedback

@Phoenix_Rising. I'm nothing like Sheldon & since I was little - my mum always told me that I had to be right. I think she's wrong. Lol. I really think that I've always wanted to feel HEARD.
And that's something this stupis S didn't do. Too busy. Too tired. Too lazy to check your notes.
If A isn't able to sort something out - why not get W to sit in on these short sessions with S. Maybe if S asks you a question - you look at W and tell him the answer. Pretend S isn't in the room. What a cheak expecting you to pay for your treatment because she stuffed up.
I disagree with some of what you said. You can handle the big stuff. Look at the other night. You weren't hiding away isolating yourself. Yiu went and participated in the meeting.
You did all this yourself. Despite it not being how you hoped it would be.
You did this - despite S being an incompetent psychologist. You held it together. You worked through it. You did it.
Today was a big trigger with no warning. I say you still did well. You reacted as any sane person would. How I would have. I probably would have sworn a lot though. And after all that stress - you still tried 2 neurofeedback 'games'. That shows a lot of strength. That shows that you do not need to hideaway. You just need to have less idiots masquerading as professionals.

Re: Neurofeedback


I just caught up on reading about the incompetent nuerofeedback psych who now expects you to pay cause she failed in her job with you.  Words cant do justice to all the ironies in your situation and I need to be brief as I am brimming with my own stuff atm.

I just wanted to say.  That I am very glad your new proper psych has established sufficient trust with you to make for a therapuetic relationship.  That is their job, and we know it is not always a given.  SO at least that is good.

The stakes are high ... if they get it wrong.

I really love reading your posts as they are so explicit and you use lots of metaphors that resonate for me. I tend to use the same concepts as you ... so you make me feel normal. I also havent met too many other head- bangers ... though for that I am an ex HB ... its been 15 years now.

I agree with @suzanne's estimation about you teaching psychologists. A family therapist said that to me once.  It was one of the few and very needed and deep positive comments I have had and treasure in my life.

Good Luck Bella Turtle

We have 7 Tortoises at our zoo ... they are in a room with one educational program I do. On active days .. those guys can sure move ... almost run .. sometimes I think of you when I am checking them out.


Re: Neurofeedback

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Re: Neurofeedback

@Phoenix_RisingI know this thread is old but I only just came across it while researching neurofeedback. Even though it's been a while, I'm wondering if you could help me at all with information about how you got this therapy under ATAPS? I am really wanting to try it and any financial help with it would be awesome as I'm on disability pension. And how was it overall? Were you able to complete enough sessions to see a good result?

Re: Neurofeedback

Hi @Rachel2 - welcome to the forums!

It's great to see your interest in neurofeedback here. This thread is a little older so may be a little less active. It might be worth starting a new thread and you can share a little more about what you are looking for and your story (if you are interested!) in areas like Our stories 😊 ATAPS can be complex to work out - do you have a GP that you see that you could speak to further about this? That can be helpful too!


Great to have you here @Rachel2 

Re: Neurofeedback

Hi @Rachel2 and another welcome. Just thought I would reply as I noticed you looking into ATAPS funded support. My understanding is there were some big changes to ATAPS and, while there is still support offered, it has been replaced by other programs. I went on a bit of a mission to understand it all last year (which I posted about here if you're interested). Contacting your local PHN (Primary Health Network) may be an idea also.

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