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hello everyone, im not really sure what im after. advice.. support...guidance.....

im a carer for my pop and has had to have a test done that was orginally thought a thyroid problem as hes had those in the past but since then have discovered a lump on his pancreas so hes jsut had one of those ct things where the dyes injected and now just awaiting results. and then he went to the drs today and now they want to do a lung biopsy. hes not too worried about it but im doing enough worrying for both of us and more.


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Re: worried

Hello @outlander xx

It would be very worrying , but all we can do is one step at a time my friend Heart

as you know that my mum had mayor surgery earlier this year , now she is starting to lose weight again and has a terrible cough and is on ab`s , she is atarting to feel like she was befor the surgery , so i am worried that it is coming back

so i know what you mean , walking together , one step at a time xx

Re: worried

@Shaz51 it is seriously stressing me out alot. hes had the first lot of tests and then now this is the second lot of tests.

its making me physically sick. this is jsut as bad the waiting game as it was for myself when i went through treatments and tests. i dont want him to have to go through what i had to.


i hope your mum is ok too, hopefully shes just feeling under the weather and its not coming back hey

Re: worried

I made an appointment with the hospital for pop today. Its going to take around 2 hrs. He said i can just drop him off as he will have nurses etc around but i dont know what to do. Isnt it my job to stay there with him

@Shaz51 @Appleblossom @Faith-and-Hope @PeppiPatty @Former-Member @Darcy

Re: worried

You can stay close by in that car, or suggest that you wait in the waiting area @outlander. That way you are on hand if they need you for anything, and it might help you to feel less removed.

Senior Contributor

Re: worried

The need to stick around depends on what is happening @outlander

When Mr D has longer appts that don't require my presence, I ensure they have contact details and enjoy a coffee in the café with a good magazine (or sometimes meet a friend or carer support person). That is what I plan on doing when Mr D has his surgery next week.

Re: worried

hes having a lung biopsy @Darcy 

its in a city setting @Faith-and-Hope so maybe i can have my phone on a louder ringing setting, give all my details to the nurses and be close by but not in the hosupital setting...

Senior Contributor

Re: worried

Sounds sensible @outlander
Stay nearby, with phone on loud, might be nice to do some window shopping ...

Re: worried

I figured you would work out what was the best combo for you @outlander ..... wtg ❣️

Re: worried

thanks @Faith-and-Hope@Darcy

i just want to do the right thing by him as well but i dont really know how i can help by sitting in a waiting room stressing how he is either..

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