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? Recovery Retreats

Hello to all my lovely brains trust, 


Does anyone know or have had experience of somewhere to go after release from hospital.

My daughter feels like she may need more recovery time when she is discharged. (still early days). I am aware of some private hospitals running programs but is there anywhere else that people can go to continue their recovery. My daughter has schizoaffective disorder. We are in Victoria but if there is such a place we would travel.


thank you



Re: ? Recovery Retreats

Hi @Mon0497


I know that some States have Residential Step Up, Step Down programs to support those who don't require hospitalisation, but need extra support.  My son has previously attended one of these.  They cater for adolescents and young people 18-25 yrs.


At other times, we have taken our son away on a holiday after hospitalisation to help him adjust.



Re: ? Recovery Retreats

Hi @Boo13


Thank you for your reply, 

We have been talking about a holiday.

What works best do you think? Back to nature or resort type?


Its been a long year, no respite since May. A holiday would be nice.

Re: ? Recovery Retreats

Hi @Mon0497


Somewhere calm and stress free, where you can do things together or on your own.  It needs to include things that your daughter likes.  We like caravanning and camping, but also warm weather.  We have spent time with extended family at the beach, gone fishing, bush walking, reading and watching movies etc.  we spend time relaxing, playing cards and enjoying each others' company.  Nothing too hectic.  My son likes photography, so we try to include something he enjoys each day.  Last time, I also managed to get him to play tennis with me!

Re: ? Recovery Retreats

Hi @Mon0497,


Just checking-in and seeing how your daughter and you are going? Were you able to get your daughter into either a hospital program, or go on a relaxing retreat? What @Boo13 described sounded very relaxing!


Hoping that both your daughter and you are getting the care you need!





Re: ? Recovery Retreats

Hi @Amour_Et_Psyché

Life has been very settled for my daughter.

We had a mini break where she got to go to a concert in Sydney because she was hospitalised for the one she had booked in Melbourne.

Every week I see an improvement in her. she has some motivation again.

The ECT treatments and the right meds have truly saved her life.

Her memory has been affected but we don't make a fuss and I think perhaps it were her episodes as much as the treatment that has caused it.

I realise things have changed but when I see glimpses of my beautiful daughter its is like winning lotto.

Thank you for thinking of us.




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