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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

Outlook in life

I honestly feel that my life is worthless and here's why:

-I'm a meth head, alcoholic and compulsive gambler

-I'm unemployed

-my family doesn't seem to care and I truly feel that all I bring my family is disappointments and problems

-My brother in law doesn't want me to meet and hold my 2wk old nephew coz of previous riff with him

-I couldn't finish a degree or certificate in tafe or uni

-I have trouble keeping friends and the friends I have atm are drug addicts too

-been discharged from 3 rehabs coz of my suicidal ideation + attempts

-constantly on drugs and once I run out it stresses the heck out of me to a point I end up trying to do an attempt


so does anyone think that My life is worth anything? Coz at the moment I honestly believe that everyone is better off when I'm gone.



Re: Outlook in life

Yes your life is worth something. It's difficult because you probably feel stuck in a cycle right now. Are you seeing a professional to help you through this or a Doctor to recommend anything.  It's hard going through these things alone


Re: Outlook in life

@PocketRocket88  Welcome to the forums.


I agree with @Aries12  your life is worth the same as anyone else’s. You deserve the same respect , kindness, and care. I hope you find a way through this rough place you are in. 💙💙


Re: Outlook in life

Hi @PocketRocket88 ,


Looking at your post, I get the impression that you are using other peoples' measuring poles to determine your own worth. i.e. you are guaging your own worth based on your ability to live up to other peoples' expectations for you. I can't help but wonder what might be your expectations for yourself and how well are you able to live up to them?


Determining the worth of something (or someone) isn't as simple as a lot of people think. Environment has a huge bearing on worth; something that is practically worthless in one environment can be among the most precious of resources in another. It's easy to forget in our modern global economy and internet market that not so long ago in human history, spices that were as common as dirt in their homelands were once more valuable then gold in continents on the other side of the world.


Likewise, I like to believe that people that are all but worthless to the communities they are born into, would be indispensable and treasured in a community that is better aligned with that person's character. (I'm probably projecting my own woes into this commentary then I should, but these are my sediments on these matters.)


So to answer your question, I'm sure that there are people out there who would think that your life is worth a great deal, even if you haven't met them yet. For what it's worth, I would say that you certainly seem to be a more intersting person to know then most of the people I know IRL.

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