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Something’s not right

Re: My special place

@Sans911 @Zoe7

I have been weaning myself of one med and going onto another for the last 8 days. My pdoc changed it b/c of some side effects I was having but instead of lowering my anxiety it is making it worse.

Re: My special place

It really does sound like this new one isn't working for you at all @Snowie Smiley Sad

Can you have your night meds and try to get to sleep early and then ring your pdoc again first thing in the morning - this needs to be dealt with ASAP Hon. You can't keep going on like this if they aren't working.

Re: My special place

@Zoe7I can't take my meds until H is home. I am tempted just to go back to how I was but he said to ring him first. I really don't know what to do. 

Re: My special place

Stay here chatting to us then @Snowie until H gets home. More than happy to keep you company Hon and get you through this. It totally sucks - med changes are hard at the best of times but when they are not working it makes everything worse. Been there quite a few times Hon and know how incredibly difficult and frustrating it is. How long before H gets home?

Re: My special place

Thanks hon. H should be home within an hour and as soon as he gets home I will take my meds for the night. On the upside, the nightmares and flashbacks have calmed down which has made that part of it better. 

How are you going? 

Re: My special place

I've been asleep on and off all day @Snowie Woke up early this morning with a stomach ache but it has progressively improved throughout the day. Feeling ok this evening but think it will still be an early night for me too. I did manage to get the garden watered - just before the rain came but that didn't hang around for long. Toby and Cat will need their night biscuits soon and then I will take my meds also. They usually take around 2 hours to work these days so aiming for 10pm again as be time.

What have yiu been up to today?

Re: My special place

You must have needed a rest day hon, you have been busy out in your garden. Glad you are feeling a bit better tonight. Night biscuits?! Gee they are spoilt!!

Haven't been up to much today. Did a bit of cleaning and then afterschool took D to an appointment, came home and cooked tea. My meds normally take about 20 minutes to kick in so hoping they work quickly tonight.


Re: My special place

Yes they are incredibly spoilt @Snowie lol

Seems like you have had a quiet day also. I haven't eaten tonight (actually all day) but drank plenty of water. I wasn't going to risk my stomach ache getting worse. I think it has passed now but will wait until tomorrow to eat again. 

I have my pdoc and GP appointments both tomorrow as they are both back. I need to remember to take the email from HR with me - athough my GP was going to get a letter sent to her also - better to have a copy of it with me though as you never know if these things have come through. 

Hopefully that will get the work process going again but I suspect it will take some time to get it organised - totally sucks as I hoped I would be back in some capacity at the beginning of the term!


Re: My special place

@Zoe7you have a busy day tomorrow. Hoping that you can get a few things sorted with your gp in regards to returning to work. Perhaps with her back things can start happening and the process can move a it quicker now.

I have my psych visit tomorrow. 

Re: My special place

I hope you can get hold of your pdoc before your psych visit @Snowie. How are the psych visits going? Still really tough to deal with?

I am going to ask my pdoc about returning to see my psych - or whether she thinks it is still not a good idea. I am kinda on the fence - I feel like I am in a better place to deal with everything but also think it may not take much for me to go backwards again ...maybe I should just concentrate on getting back to work for now.

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