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Something’s not right

Re: Intimately Isolated

Oh another Reds supporter @JosRapp That makes me happy Smiley Very Happy @Hamsolo01 is Swansea and although they are not in the Premier League they are on top of the ladder in the second division - we are all hoping it stays that way for Hams so they can go up next year.


@Sherry is a Raiders supporter too. She won't be here for a little while but tagging her anyway - you have another Raiders fan here Hon Smiley Very Happy

Re: Intimately Isolated

Hey @JosRapp , nice to meet you.   I hear that you're frustrated and lonely.   I'm here for you josrapp


Re: Intimately Isolated

@JosRapp  I used to live in Canberra for some 13 years Smiley Happy and went for the Raiders then Smiley Happy. The Mariners are a great team.I go for Manchester city in the PL and the Swans with the AFL. As for tennis I used to enjoy watching years and years ago but these days none of the players really do anything for me so I dont watch. I despise Nick Kyrgios he is so so arrogant. 


As for me I go walking. That is my main for of exercise. Dont really like getting wet but will if I have toSmiley Very Happy. peax

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