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Something’s not right

Re: How do I trust again ?




Thanks for the replies.  Hasn’t been a great day.  Seems to be 1 step forward, 2 steps back, and today it’s another step back.  I’m just so tired of all of it at the moment.  I was even half tempted to sign up to a lonely hearts site this afternoon.  I just want feel loved, I don’t actualy want to meet up with someone, I just want someone to talk to that makes me feel like I’m good enough, someone that makes me feel good about myself.  God I hate myself so much, I feel like this marriage is exactly what I deserve

Re: How do I trust again ?

@Razzle. You might need to love yourself first. 


Re: How do I trust again ?

@Razzle, how are you today my awesome friend xoxo

Re: How do I trust again ?

Hi @Shaz51.  I’m pretty good today, apart from the lead weight attached to my leg, can’t wait until they cut it off.


Hubby has stepped up quite a bit lately, I’m having a little trouble getting the swelling under control, can’t get comfortable at night so not getting much sleep.  Still can’t get past the argument that started our marriage breakdown, so I’ve really been trying to find the positives in what he’s doing now.


How have you been ?  Are you enjoying the warmer weather of late - 40’s my happy place so apart from the cast feeling pretty warm, I’m loving it.

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