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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast


tenor (2).gif

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

@greenpea goodnight beautiful pea, weekend hope to catch up on the list a bit. Nothing exciting. Hope you get walking companion back and enjoy walking 

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Nite forumites 👋
Very quiet on the feast tonight but still nice to see yous Smiley Happy

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Oh I’ve missed the feast again, I’m going to have to set an alarm to remind myself from now on.


I took my mum out for lunch today and we had roast pork so decided we’d have something easy tonight.  Mum has been hankering for fish and chips for a while now so that’s what we ended up having - I had a plain steak sandwich, I don’t tolerate fried food very well, but I did have a handful of chips with it.  Even though mum has been dreaming of fish and chips for weeks, she ended up having some chicken balls and a few chips.  


Nice and easy tonight, hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂

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