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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

I was probably OTT re lingo @Wanderer soz . Sometimes I play to my strengths and put people offside. I can’t be bothered chasing people anymore IRL .. and am down main 2 ah .. eff .. hope you’re doing ok. You are usually positive . Ok that’s a terrible thing to say, well can be re inferring that’s You that’s not You etc.

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

OTT @TAB not at all, we all have our interests and I happen to think language is quiet interesting though I struggle with acronyms and computer talk?? Smiley HappySmiley Happy


I seem to be able to be positive and depressed at the same time at the moment.

A living contradiction.

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Yeah can relate well sorta @Wanderer .. can be on edge one day well re work eg and with someone never worked with before anyway had a good day today ok yest, not so much imagining how someone trying to do me over.. anyway by 4th day turned out similar experiences/same jobs /knew same people. I can get depressed in blink of an eye sometimes, ‘up’/normal seems to take longer tho

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

A rough ride alright @TAB


Plays up with your head not knowing how you feel or who you are at any given time.


Up does seem like recovering from a car wreck but up is up and that is something.

Going to the beach today with my parents and daughter.


Hope the weekend is kind to you.



Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Thanks @Wanderer yeah touchy feely never quite know which way wind is blowing sometimes. Had a mostly good day yest, a few hours felt better than had in ages. Enjoy the beach 🏖

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Looking forward to the feast tonight.  I've missed a few lately.  Always enjoy seeing old friends and getting to know new ones better.  And the adventures.  Wondering who'll be around tonight?



Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

I might drop in from time to time @eth

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi everyone tonight I had American food washed down with a cocktail Smiley Happy

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @TAB and @Shaz51  I know it's early but I always get impatient waiting til 7 for things to kick off here.  How were your days?

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