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Re: Far and Away

Needs to be all out on this Photoshop assignment @Zoe7 because it’s labour intensive and I am behind with it, but I have all day, around the tradesman and furniture-dance this afternoon, and I am enjoying working on it .....

Re: Far and Away

Enjoying doing what you are doing is half the battle @Faith-and-Hope So great to hear you are enjoying it Hon. Smiley Very Happy I hope the tradesman and furniture dance is not too distracting for you and you can catch up on what you need to get done.


Seems like we are in similar boats today with falling abit behind and needing to focus on just one thing. That is my plan also. Need to get these pompom animals completed, get the meeting over and done with after school then afterwards I can photograph all the animals and put the powerpoint all together tonight. I then have to get the kids organised with their facts to read out tomorrow morning. So much to do but breaking it down into manageable chunks will get it done.


Better head off to get organised to head into work but will check in later when I can to see how you are going. Goodluck with your photoshop assignment and the juggle of furniture moving and tradesman being there Hon Heart Will be very much thinking of you today πŸ’•πŸŒΉπŸ˜˜

Re: Far and Away

Thanks @Zoe7 πŸ’•

will be thinking of you too .....


Hi to anyone else around πŸ‘‹

Re: Far and Away

Thinking of you too @Zoe7  hoping today goes well. πŸ’•πŸ’œ

You too @Faith-and-Hope πŸ’•πŸ’œ


Re: Far and Away

Thanks @Maggie πŸ’•

Good to see you.

Re: Far and Away

Hi @Faith-and-Hope @Maggie @Shaz51 @BlueBay @Hamsolo01 @Sans911 @Snowie @eth  @greenpea and everyone else passing through...


Spent 5 hours at work and managed to get al the pompom animals and facts for assembly done today. I still have to photograph the pompoms and put together in a powerpoint for tomorrow but that  won't take too long.


Also had a meeting with the other 1/2 teachers after school about some of our kids. There have been some issues in the playground and we needed to talk through some options for dealing with it. 


A lot accomplished though (on my day off lol) but much less stressed now so it was worth it. I would never have gotten eerything done tomorrow morning but today I could work with one kid at a time and know the rest of the class was being dealt with by the usual teacher. It was really lovely when I turned up though as all the kids were really happy to see me - certainly made me smile. 


Having a break from it all for a while now and will get back to it after dinner. It's also nice coming home in the light of the day as I feel like I have been getting home in the dark most of this week and haven't had time to do anything.


@Faith-and-Hope How is that photoshop assignment coming along Hon? Have you caught up a bit today or has the furniture merry-go-round and tradesman hampered your progress? Hope not and that you are getting it all done and can have another early night tonight Heart


Everyone else - I hope you have all had a little light in your day too and found some nice moments you can hang onto. Hugs to all Heart

Re: Far and Away

how did your day go @Zoe7 Heart

Hello and hugs @Faith-and-Hope , @Maggie , @BlueBay , @oceangirl , @Former-Member , @Gazza75 

today is wet and very cool up here , so we cleaned 2 houses this morning

did a few things for mum

arrrgg I lost mum`s script for meds , cant find them anywhere Smiley Sad so I rang the doctor to see if they can write one out for mum , fingers crossed

Tomorrow one of my customers is given me some cuttings from her succulents Smiley Very Happy

needing some potting mix now

feeling a bit awwww i should of said nothing  yesterday feeling @Faith-and-Hope xxx

Re: Far and Away

Hugs @Shaz51 πŸ’•


Glad it was a productive day for you @Zoe7 .  Getting things sorted does reduce stress.


The assignment is coming along, but it was hindered by the tradesman and removalists ..... have to see how I go tonight.

Re: Far and Away

Hi @Shaz51 Heart Smoky day tomorrow too 😺


Glad you have some done @Faith-and-Hope and hope you get a lot more done tonight Hon. Heart Definitely stress reduced after today and will be even better after the kids finish assembly tomorrow. Then it is onto the birdhouses Smiley Surprised Will give the kids the few options tomorrow and begin cutting the palings on Saturday. It will take some setting up but once that is done the cutting is easy - just time consuming. Hoping very much to get it all done Saturday but will need to get all the nails out tomorrow after work and the palings moved and stacked out in the backyard first. A lot to do but need to do it all tomorrow and Saturday before more expected rain from Sunday.

Re: Far and Away

Glad you got everything you needed done today @Zoe7 

Hopefully you can have a rest tonight

@Faith-and-Hope Heart

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