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Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

After a few days of being in between houses, we are now in our new home, furniture  to follow (vendors kindly left a few pieces to tide us over. )


I have lost my voice,  Mr Darcy not helping, refusing to speak to my mum when I rang to tell her we had arrived. He is now  whimpering on the bed.

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Well done 👍 @Darcy  thats a mammoth event !!  You deserve a big sleep and some quality self care whatever that means for you !! 


We moved into our first home that we owned three years ago and it was a massive change for MsS as our rental was next door to our best friends ... moving away from them was very very hard for MsS ... I think I found it a bit of both as it was nice to have a bit more privacy and when we do see each other  now it is deliberate quality time not rushed or intrusive ... anyway I was trying to say that MsS was quite impacted by the move and I wish we had have been more watchful for that at the time as she ended up escalating into a difficult hypomanic episode rapid cycling with depression .. ending in a car accident due to sedation effect of new meds at the time underestimated ... so my advice, and I know you don’t need it as you already are super vigilant  from what I can tell, is to watch MrD like a hawk for any signs - esp related to driving - I wish I had have avoided that and not dismissed the wonky driving I observed of MsS the morning she dropped me at the train station and on her way to Bunnings to get stuff for the new house she side swiped a bus ... the bus didn’t notice but our car had significant damage and it rattled MsS so much I had to come home immediately in the train and take the bus ironically to come and fetch her from Bunnings in tears ... I knew her driving had deteriorated and I should have not let her drive on - she has no insight when she Is like that and relies on me to draw the line ...


that’s all - just a story that I wanted to share in case you ever doubt your gut  instincts when observing Mr D in next few months x Sophie x 

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

lots of hugs @Sophie1 , @Darcy HeartHeart

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Am watching him @Sophie1  feeling a bit sad,  Mr Darcy has left 6 draws out of a unit for me to put in as he could not work out which slot each went in to 😔.


He is however tidying up and putting things away, just need to keep an eye that things go in appropriate spots 😀.

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Hello @Georgie_Girl and welcome to the forum

Come and meet some wonderful carers @Darcy , @Sophie1 , @outlander , @Determined , @Faith-and-Hope 

my husband has lots of diagnosis as he has had MI all his life

he has undiagnosed Bipolar 11

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

@Darcy  Did MrD not know how to do the drawers because of medication side effects possibly ? I know MsS can definitely be cognitively impacted by certain meds ... anyway either way it’s sad to see our loved ones lose abilities - I hope you are feeling ok today and looking after yourself and MrD and finding some ways to have little bits of joy in your day xx

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Mr Darcy finds my family hard work (and they are) so short visits necessary.

@Darcy  mr shaz is the same but with my family and his family

Hello @Sophie1 

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Mr Darcy in pain again, think it has been brewing but he refused to do anything about it, now it is acute. Have booked him in to see GP. Hoping it is not another orthopaedic complication. 


Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

hi @Darcy
im sorry to hear about Mr Ds pain, I hope the gp can help him quickly and its not a complicatation

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