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Re: Introduce yourself here

It depends. Sometimes I can do diamond Painting. I am TRYING to get my house clean (I cannot try to get anyone to come in....tried that a couple of years ago and it pushed me back when anything they got their hands on was destroyed and thrown away) but I am doing it slowly. I usually have to have something on in the background whether it be music, audio books, podcasts, something, Then when it gets too much I just try to concentrate on the words.

We had a festival here and I went and sat in the park (behind a tree for some of it) last night. Just so I was where there were people. I spent quite a bit of time at the kids animal nursery with a baby alpaca. I was given a little monkey toy by someone that obviously has insight into feelings.....I did not know them but I am sitting here with it now. Some days I just cannot do anything

Re: Introduce yourself here

I so much understand that feeling @cutiepiekitty Over the last few years there have been a lot of times (sometimes weeks/months) that all I could manage was getting up, feeding my fur babies and then laying back on the couch. Spent more than a year permanantly on the couch snuggled into the doona with my dog for company.


It is to your credit that you got out and did something yesterday - so often it is those experiences (or even getting out of the house) that we cannot cope with - so huge congratulations to you for doing that.


It was extremely nice of that person to do such a thoughtful thing for you - restores faith in humankind when those little random acts of kindness happen. Smiley Very Happy


I also need something on in the background - for me it is often sport. I love my sport - especially football - watching it now Smiley Tongue


Have you had a look around the forum yet? There are a couple of threads you may be interested in ... Craft Corner or Through One's Eyes - both are art related. EVERYTHING CATS!! is another one you may like Smiley Very Happy


If you put an @symbol in front of someone's name you can tag them into the conversation ...just as I have above with you. It allows them to get a notification that you have replied as well.     

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @cutiepiekitty  and welcome to the forums.  So glad to see you have found our wonderful @Zoe7 .   There's another thread happening at the moment called "Saturday Soiree" that is a purely social thread where you can meet some new people.  Here's a link :

Feel free to join in any time.  We're a friendly bunch and really supportive when we are able to be.  And just chat about random stuff sometimes!

If you're looking for a particular topic the search bar is good.  Once you manage that and tagging people, as Zoe7 has explained, you will be up and running.  Or you can start your own conversation thread any time too.

Hope you find the forums helpful.  Eth

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi, my name is Suzy and here’s my 3 random facts.  


I’m a DJ 

i love my cat Chairman 

i’m addicted cereal.


I’m here because I can’t stop crying. I don’t want to leave my current life behind. I feel so disconnected to the world around me and baby in my belly. I hate these feelings of sadness and guilt. I want to get better!! 


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @SuzyS and welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time at the moment. Those feelings of disconnection, sadness and guilt can be really tough. Are these feelings new to you or is this something you've started experiencing recently? 
I could be off the mark here but I'm wondering whether by saying you don't want to leave your current life behind, you're referring to the way your life might change by having a baby? Pregnancy can be a really tough time in lots of ways and all sorts of stuff can come up for us. On top of all of the changes that pregancy, babies and parenting can bring, I think sometimes we can also have a lot of expectations about the way it 'should' be and we put pressure on ourselves because of them.
There are lots of us who understand how tough it can be sometimes and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to you could share some more about what's going on for you in a new discussion (if you feel up to that). There's also PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia) who have a helpline and website with lots of resources and information.
Looking forward to seeing you around 
(Also, your cat's name is awesome!)

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @SuzyS  welcome to the forum. Things sound really tough for you right now. Feelings of sadness and guilt are very hard to deal with. New life with you can be happy/sad too.

Chairman sounds like a loyal companion. I have one but she’s a dog, a very small one.

if you feel up to it, look around the forums and join in where you feel comfortable.

Write n Meet, chat, start to be more social

Writing is my happy space. I enjoy writing dark fiction and sharing my journey to a new state of normal. What ever that is. I hope that others may get something from me and I can learn from them. I hope I wont feel so alone and isolated. A space I don’t want and am working to change. I also like to play music but cant commit to bands as I’m not reliable enough.

So thats a bit of me.

Re: Write n Meet, chat, start to be more social

Hey @WriterMelb  

I am into music and writing too. I related to post on other thread. It is my writing that is on hold atm, but I am seeing a path open in the distance.

Smiley Happy

Re: Write n Meet, chat, start to be more social

What’s opening up? Your hope in the distance? My Hope is finding a literary agent. I am crawling slowly towards it. Inching 😬 toward the small circle of sky.


Re: Introduce yourself here

i have had low levels of ocd for many years but i have had some major trigers in the last 5 to 10 years the last of whitch caused me to leave my job.

i have been out of work for almost a year now and i dont do many things through out the day except a lot of screen time by myself and often very late at night and into the very eirly mourning.

i have interests that free my mind up but as i have a bad sleep routine i feel unmotivated most days. i know how to fix that part (motivation) but it feels too easy and comfortable to fall back. 

i was refered here by my mental health counsiler

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