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New Contributor

I need help, im not well

I need help.

Almost everyday, i have this very heavy feeling, as if something inside me is about to explode, about to eat me alive.. I get dizzy at times just by experiencing this, migraine when it's worse.. Needless to say, im in a dark place, the worst part is i have to mask it, i feel that there is no reset button... 


When at work, i always feel like the odd man out. i find it difficult to connect with my peers that i always end up being silent... I doubt myself and see me as not good enough in anything. I always feel that people around me are trying to minimize as much as possible their engagement with me... and i always equate it to my being less in terms of what i can offer to the team...


I am tired of pretending that im ok.. I am tired of trying to blend in... i am just tired of feeling like this.. 





Re: I need help, im not well

@IThinkINeedHelp Things are feeling really distressing for you at the moment and its great to see you reaching out for support from the community when you are feeling this way. I think its important not to mask these feelings because it doesnt solve anything and makes it harder to get the support you need so please keep reaching out. 


As a reminder, if you're concerned about your safety or you'd like counselling support, please reach out to people in your life or you can reach out to the following services:

Lifeline 13 11 14

Suicide Callback Service 1300 659 467

Take good care of yourself tonight and please do reach out for support when you need it

Re: I need help, im not well

@IThinkINeedHelp  Hi, and welcome to the forums.

Things sound really difficult for you. I relate well to the masks, not good enough, trying to blend in feelings you are experiencing.

Do you have a dr you can discuss this with.? Sometimes it’s a good place to start getting help.

There are many others here on the forums who understand what it feels like. If you would like to look around, you are welcome to join in any conversation you feel comfortable with.

By putting @ the dropdown selects names you can tag. That lets us know to respond.

Re: I need help, im not well

Hi @IThinkINeedHelp. Sorry to hear things are hard at the moment. Like Maggie I relate to the feeling of having to mask how you're really going and the difficult that comes with trying to appear as if you're OK. I can also relate to that feeling of being close to exploding. I feel like I can teeter between 'implode' and 'explode'. It's tough. I know many people here understand what it can be like. I find it helpful to have a place where people get it.

Wondering how you have been going since you posted?

For urgent assistance, call:

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