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Community Guide in Training

Re: Dark Skies

Smiley Happy @Wanderer

Private library is a dream of mine too

Re: Dark Skies

Will be good @Hamsolo01 


I have a very large book collection to start off with and a friend just gave me a large portion of his library so I just need a house and room now.


Have an autographed collection of Ian Idries, each book done personally for a  friend of his I met. Also have a very old bible written in Scottish Gaelige along with other collections.


Sci fi, fantasy, philosophy and history are my main collections.


Have the display cabinets ready to fill and am looking forward to setting them up.

Community Guide in Training

Re: Dark Skies

Nice @Wanderer

Atm I have a list of 54 books I want to read. I have read one of them. Reading one atm....

So only 52 left lol

Re: Dark Skies



Am reading Crybbe myself right now.


Sometimes read a horror story for an easy, relaxed read. ???


Should be writing but have too much on my mind. Besides reading is research for further writing.


Will be sleeping before long, or should anyway, no guarantees.


Still here for now though. :-)

Community Guide in Training

Re: Dark Skies

I'm watching the front bar @Wanderer
It's kinda funny. About AFL. I don't know the players but I like the comedy on it.

I am reading Silent Invasion atm. It's about Chinese Communist Party influence IN Australia. Very interesting book.

I am probably off to bed soon.

I hope you sleep well Wanderer.

Re: Dark Skies

Silent Invasion


Sounds interesting @Hamsolo01 

Have you watched Sky News on Wyn?


Sleep sounds good, I am in bed already just reading and letting sleep come.


Have a good night and don't dream about being invaded. :-)


Night @Hamsolo01 



You might like   Wild Swans   a cross section of Chinas history and a lot on Mao Tse Tung.


Community Guide in Training

Re: Dark Skies

I will check that book out @Wanderer

We are in interesting times these days.

See you tomorrow buddy

Re: Dark Skies

hello @Wanderer Smiley Happy

how did your kid go with the gallbladder scare

hope everything is ok my friend

and how are you going xx


Re: Dark Skies

Hello @Shaz51 


He is 23 and we think he has gall stones as it runs in the family. He is going for an ultrasound on Monday to determine if it is.


Sold the last of the dachshund litter today, daughter is going to a birthday party tonight, and the farm contract has progressed and should be locked in this week.


Spoke to one of my original psychologists the other today to thank her and update her how things were going, when we moved we left her behind but she was really helpful when we needed it. She is still supportive and open if we ever need her.


I will be going into property settlement soon which will stir things up a little but should hopefully work out. Last of the big issues we hope.



Re: Dark Skies

wow things are moving along my @Wanderer Heart

thinking of you and your family lots Heart

mr shaz has a gall bladder full of gall stones and kidney stones

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