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Looking after ourselves

Re: Just checking in.

I 'see' you there @CheerBear . Are you up for a chat? 

Re: Just checking in.

I am probably not the world's best company right now @Teej. Interested in hearing how you're doing if you'd like to share though.

Thank you for being you 💜

Re: Just checking in.

@CheerBear  I’m home not able to go to my psych appointment because I’m sick 🤒 (just a heavy head cold). I spoke to her this morning to say I’d come in but it was up to her having my germs in her office. She rescheduled to Tuesday next week. I’m surprisingly ok with it. My body just cracked it, got my periods this morning too but I’d been screaming on the inside hormonally for the past two weeks so I’m hoping it’s a blessing. I’m having a crash day. 

My brain is still spinning but my headcold is keeping my spinning to a minimum.


i have so many unknowns in my world that has been messing with my head. I don’t do change or unknown things well. 

Re: Just checking in.

Hugs @Teej. I think you mentioned needing that appointment though I'm glad to hear you're feeling OK with it. Hopefully not screaming hormonally will help. I found that PMS stuff was/is (who knows with my medication now 😖) super messy then often a bit better once it went away. Crash day is OK sometimes. You maybe needed it. I've scheduled my crash day in for tomorrow.

The unknowns would be shaky and tricky. I find it's often the not knowing time that's the hardest. Once you know you can deal with it, but until then it's can be chaotic. More hugs for that.

How was your break?

I have to pick up a few littles (my two plus an extra) in a moment so if I drop out that's where I am.

Re: Just checking in.

All good @CheerBear with littles and extras. 

I had a breakdown whilst I was away. It meant that the respite stuff was messier for me and not as much respite as I would have liked.....couldn’t manage to go to one of the events, had to take myself to bed and ride through it. That happened a few times. Lots of SI but today a bit better until something emotional happens. The staff at respite were really good though. 

Re: Just checking in.

I'm walking you up to school pick up with me @Teej 🙂

Was respite a good place to have a breakdown? Sorry to hear you didn't get the rest it was supposed to be though. It's good that the staff were helpful. That makes a big difference I find. Hugs for the SI and it being on hold only until something happens. Hearing ya.

I think I need a break teej. Things feel like they are going belly up and I know it would help so, so much. It's so far from a possibility though. It sucks to know what could help but not be able to do it.

Re: Just checking in.

Sorry about the hard time in respite. @Teej 


Had to laugh about giving her the option of having your germs in her office.  Glad you did not have to drag yourself in.




Re: Just checking in.

Hearts  @Teej @CheerBear @Appleblossom   feeling the mutual support here xx


Re: Just checking in.

Just wondering how your post crash day is going and how you're feeling today @Teej? ❤

Re: Just checking in.

How does 💩 go for a response @CheerBear  😏. I’m fighting what could be the flu or just a monster head cold with a heavy period. I’m irritable too. Think I might have man flu 😜. 


How are you? 


I have a question for anyone who chooses to answer. 

When is it ok to justify yourself? I’m having a confusing time with it. 

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