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Re: Update! Safety Guideline Amendment

@Eden1919 your experience is exactly why I think a notification email should be sent to the reporter to show it is being looked at by a moderator and doesn't leave the reporter feeling unheard. 

Re: Update! Safety Guideline Amendment

Hi all - sorry to hear you have not always been notified when you put through a report, you should get a follow up from the moderator but we will certainly review our notifications to make sure they go to you to confirm your report. 


Thanks for your input everyone. If there are any futher concerns around this please email us so we can address it more directly 😊

Re: Update! Safety Guideline Amendment

@Lauz wrote:

helping with how to post when feeling distressed

I think this is an important point.


Way too much personal situation info here but...

Content/trigger warning

I personally find it really difficult to directly ask for support (it's hard to even type that word) or say how I'm feeling (thoughts = "I shouldn't have feelings, I shouldn't want help" etc). So when I am not feeling good and wanting some help it often comes out like a lot of self-directed insults or "I should [do something destructive]" which I recognise may be triggering to some people although it's hard to think of that at the time. But to me it doesn't count as a "crisis" (because "I should be fine and handle this") and I am always "safe" (because "I have this under control and will decide whatever I'm going to decide, and what I decide doesn't matter to anyone").

So in that sort of situation, having my post removed and receiving a moderator email asking if I'm safe and giving me crisis links with no further communication is unhelpful (and reinforces my idea that I shouldn't be trying to ask for help etc.) but I'd be completely stuck on what else to do.


I also like Zoe7's suggested rewording of the guideline.

Re: Update! Safety Guideline Amendment

Thanks for speaking out @TheVorticon it is a fine line as to when we decide whether to intervene or not and appreciate that you have let us know the consequences of our actions on you.


It is great you are wanting to review the guidelines and reword them, there is always room for improvement.  Please let us know of any suggestions on how we can improve communication with you, always gratefully recieved this end thank you.


All the best



SANE Moderator

Re: Update! Safety Guideline Amendment

Thanks @Sylvester. I think it's been a fair while since I've had a post removed due to this. Just wanted to share why that was an important point in case other people might have similar experiences.

Re: Update! Safety Guideline Amendment

There's a post at the moment saying they want to k...l themselves. Yet no trigger warning. I was quite upset reading this. 
@Sylvester @nashy @Lauz 

Re: Update! Safety Guideline Amendment

Hi @BlueBay can you please send me the link for the post, so I can see it. I can't find it in this thread. Thanks!

Re: Update! Safety Guideline Amendment


I will email now. Don't know how to link a post. 

Re: Update! Safety Guideline Amendment

@BlueBay, that post is most likely mine.
If suicidal and not wanting to be in hospital, being turned away from hospital, there really is nowhere to talk about this.
I don’t mean to offend people, I’m just at the end of my tether and need to talk.
I’m interested if you or anyone else has suggestions for how to talk about troubling issues like this.

Re: Update! Safety Guideline Amendment

No @TigerT  it wasn't you. It's ok it's sorted now. I was worried. 
Are you ok tonight? I've just come if hodpital 3 week stsy in psych unit. I was suicidal but I spoke to a nurse. It was the best thing. Why did the hospital not help you? 
I feel for you. What about chatting online to Sane counsellor. Or create a new post and there's lots of members while will be happy to chst. 
I hope you can start up a post. If you want to tag me feel free. 
Hope you're ok xx

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